How to Monetize Yourself: In Theory

September 28, 2009 by Julie Squires · Comments Off
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Last quarter, the Marketing Snack outlined three steps of “How to Build Trust in Social Media: Wellness,” which included:

  1. Find your higher purpose; what is it that you - uniquely - have to give?
  2. Live in health.
  3. Monetize the value that you are.

Be design, I only covered the first two points.  Now, here is a look at step #3: “How to monetize the value that you are.”  Remember, it is important to first experience steps one and two.  Find what is both personally meaningful to you and also lines up with your strengths, and live in health.

Also, by “monetize” I mean actually making scalable income from the concept of you as a microbrand, or from you having a scalable bright idea.  The word that interests me is “scalable.”

Click on the link below to learn what I know so far about monetizing yourself, and from the dusty oil fields of West Texas, smell that money.

More Info on How to Monetize Yourself, In Theory.

Update Oct 2, 2009: Thanks, Chris Brogan, for your “Make Money” blog post.

September 28, 2009 by Julie Squires